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Homes of the adventure town of Tail of the Dragon

At our center you will find foosball , air hockey and basketball, all free of charge.

For extra money, the center has arcade machines – a water machine, a rally game and a reaction game.

Concert House – The Concert House, which is located in the central square of the adventure town of Tail of the Dragon, has a very busy schedule. In addition to the disco, which lasts a quarter of an hour every full hour, there are cartoons and movies for children. On weekends, various clown actors, magicians, singers and other various interesting participants perform on the stage of the concert house.

Sports building – as befits a solid gym, this is the place to break seven sweats. A climbing wall where you can test your agility, jumping off vines into a sea of foam, and sliding down a slide are things that will make any child’s eyes light up.

Princess Tower – In the adventure town of Dragon’s Tail they say, “If you haven’t been to Princess Tower, you haven’t seen the world.” From the top of the Princess Tower, you can get a breathtaking view of the entire town. Inside the tower, all little girls can feel like real princesses.

Police house – want to see how video security works? Interesting “cop and bully” games start right here

Dragon Tail Maze – if you want to see the ruler of the adventurous town of Dragon Tail, the great fire-spewing dra…., you must find the right path in the fascinating maze.

Haunted House – The residents of the town of Dragon’s Tail say that once upon a time a dragon catcher lived in this house, who disappeared long ago and now terrifying voices are heard in this house and no one dares to enter here. Will you be the first daredevil?

Playhouse – The Playhouse is home to a cool video game wall where you can play the most popular video games.

The Toddler Room is the best place in the world just for the littlest ones who are not yet looking for big adventures, but are excited and eager to play with wonderful toys under the watchful eye of their parents. Here you’ll also find a beautiful library and you can build the world’s tallest skyscraper or space station with LEGO cubes. The buildings that are created in this architectural firm are limited only by imagination.

Store – in every self-respecting town a cozy little store takes its rightful place, where you can put interesting goods in a basket and learn to pay for them at the cash register.

Fashion Atelier – The exciting selection of clothes in the atelier, large mirrors and trinkets are just the right combination where little fashionistas and stylists disappear for hours.

Mountaineering City – You can endlessly exercise on the rock climbing wall and also slide down the slides from there.

Farm – no city can exist without good farmers providing food for the people of the city. Come see our magnificent tractor and test yourself in recognizing farm animal sounds.