E-R 14:00-21:00          L-P 10:00-21:00           22.04-25.04 Oleme avatud  09:00-21:00 (Linnalaagrid)

In collaboration with the OGOGO Center for Innovative Education, we organize urban camps in Lohesaba every school holiday.

OGOGO is the most incredible and exciting multilingual children’s city camp in 2023:

A new format of city camps, a unique program, excellent games, the best counselors.

Various master classes are held for children: robotics, animation, programming, financial games, etc. Creative workshops help children’s development. Shifts include a large number of outdoor games and branded quest puzzles from OGOGO. Outdoor games depending on the season. You can participate full shift and by day.

More detailed information about the program, schedule and prices can be found on the OGOGO website.

Come, it will be very interesting! We are waiting for children 5-14 years old!

Lohesaba and OGOGO Center for Innovative Education.