E-R 14:00-21:00          L-P 10:00-21:00           22.04-25.04 Oleme avatud  09:00-21:00 (Linnalaagrid)

When using a parking clock, parking near the house  is free for 4 hours. 

The entrance is in the middle of the house, marked in red in the picture. We are on the second floor, there is no elevator in the building.

If you are traveling by public transport, the stop is called “Ayandi”.

Address: Mustamäe tee 50 Tallinn Harjumaa 10621 Eesti

E-mail: info@lohesaba.eu

Tel: +372 51 934 834

a/a EE542200221080357565 Swedbank

MJD Expert OÜ Reg nr: 16076554; KMKR EE102553206

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