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Party dinner packages

Organising a birthday party is a time-consuming task – make organising your child’s birthday party easier for yourself by ordering catering from us! Tasty birthday packages can be conveniently ordered through our website, by making a reservation for the birthday room.

A nice bite for 15/20/25


Lohesaba POP package for 15/20/25


Children's Favourite package for 15/20/25


Delicious coffee from the café (coffee package)

When you book a party room, you will have the opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of delicious Lavazza coffee from our café.


NB! Party packages can be cancelled up to 72 hours in advance, later cancellations are subject to the payment of the party package.
It is possible to complete the party package or put it together according to your wishes. Please write to: info@lohesaba.eu